Domaine Cheveau





The Cheveau family

The first traces of the Cheveau estate in the hamlet of Pouilly date back to the 1950s. André Cheveau the grandfather found himself overnight propelled from a forest ranger to sharefarmer in a small winery.

As with the majority of Mâconnais estates of that time, the sale of wines is mainly in bulk or to larger burgundian wine houses.

However, it was during this time that André and his son Michel learned and deepened the work of the vine as well as the importance of the work well done on the quality of the wines

Recovery of some farm rent, acquisition of new plots and construction of the first winery: the Cheveau estate was born and was gradually beginning its rapid growth towards what makes its identity today

A new breath

The first major shift was between 2002 and 2008, when in just 5 years the family went from a minority share to the exclusive sale of their bottled wines.

Confident in their choice, totally avant-garde for the Mâcon region in those years, Nicolas and his wife Aurélie made the bet to highlight the terroirs of the region by vinifying wines of exceptional quality from their family work. Julien joined the Domaine in 2009.

Marriage between Beaujolais and Mâconnais

From Beaujolais to Mâconnais

In 2015, the estate extends a little further beyond the Mâcon borders on the side of Beaujolais and the Saint Amour wines.

Arrived at retirement age, Gérard Chaintreuil, Nicolas and Julien’s uncle, decides to cede all his family property to his nephews. This is how the wines are therefore fully part of the identity of the Cheveau estate as the real “remarry of a Pouilly-Fuissé estate with a family property in Saint-Amour”.

As with its best white wines, the family makes it a point of honor to highlight (or rather highlight) the terroirs of Beaujolais. Many can testify to this today: the red wines of the Cheveau estate are now worthy of the greatest!

A work philosophy

For many, some soils seem similar in every way, but the Cheveau family affirms it: It is impossible for us to blend our cuvées into one, because the risk is then to make the treasure of the terroirs of Pouilly-Fuissé, Beaujolais and Mâconnais disappear.

This philosophy of life and this constant search for the most respectful work possible, we find it inscribed on the back of each bottle as a real Creed of the Cheveau family :